Louis Vuitton x Richard Prince ‘Big City After Dark’ Collection

Watercolour Series

Photography: ???

For Louis Vuitton‘s spring ’08 ‘Big City After Dark’ collection, Marc Jacobs has tapped Richard Prince (an American painter and photographer) to express his artist skills. The bags look so delicious and fun, lots of vivid colors and they remind me of candy and ice cream! This collection has a very interesting touch, the artist’s spray painting and texts were worked into LV bags – very much like on an artist’s palette. The spring ’08 runway was also inspired by Richard Prince’s Nurse painting of the “Sonic Nurse” on Sonic Youth music album cover. Prince’s work is currently exhibited at Guggenheim Museum through January 9, 2008.

I’m luvin’ it, I might have to give LV a call later – hopefully the waiting list (if there’s one) is not too crazy ha! What’s your favorite?

More pics after the jump…


Monogram Bonbon

Monogram Motard – super cute!


Enlarged Monogram Canvas bag, pretty cute!

Monogram Jokes Series

Monogram Cartoons

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  1. While there are some i wouldn’t rock, overall the collection is really nice and very colorful;perfect for spring!!!!!

  2. wow it’s great! the enlarged
    monogram canvas bag is beautiful.

  3. I love the display! Is this being shown in NY right now?? The photos are really great.

  4. i think i like this more than murakami, also richard prince is amazing. please check out his exhibit at guggenheim if you have a chance to.

  5. god, i can already see the bad knockoffs

  6. LOL. i love the joke series. hahaha.

  7. oh my god. the second to the last one is really amazing. the red python. this collection is adorable. it would be hard to make knockoffs of these.

  8. love the monogram canvas!! Smart causal.

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