Catherine Holstein vs. Forever 21

Catherine Holstein vs. Forever 21

If you couldn’t get your hands on one of these highly sought after Catherine Holstein bow-tie tunic dresses that cost $420, Forever 21 has once again “copied” this dress and renamed it Linen Sailor Top and priced it at $27.80…quite a deal eh? I def wouldn’t mind spending less than $30 for a cute top that I’ll wear once or twice, but for sure not for $420. Would you buy the Forever 21 copy?

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  1. It’s cute…..I think everyone would go with the cheaper price tag!!! I just don’t understand F21…..when will these folks learn???

  2. done and done!! i ordered it. thanks for the heads up. i had eyed that sailor dress when i spotted it at barneys!

  3. I would mos def wear it all the time!! so cute

  4. i’d def get the f21 one! its so cute and i don’t think i’d be willing to spend $420 on such a trendy piece.

  5. what a coincidence, i bought the f21 version only last week! it’s totally long enough to wear as a dress for the summer!

  6. sorry but i don’t find this sailor dress on the website “forever21″ …
    could you????

  7. thank you for answering ! :)
    but could you please go on the website (forever 21) and tell me if there is the dress … ?
    because maybe my computer got a problem…
    if you do that thanks a lot !

  8. i ordered the dress last friday. thank you SO MUCH for the heads up. the dress is actually a tunic and was under “dressy tops”. they are all sold out now, for those of you who were looking for it in the site and couldn’t find it.

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