Catherine Holstein vs. Forever 21

Sunday, May 13, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Catherine Holstein vs. Forever 21

If you couldn’t get your hands on one of these highly sought after Catherine Holstein bow-tie tunic dresses that cost $420, Forever 21 has once again “copied” this dress and renamed it Linen Sailor Top and priced it at $27.80…quite a deal eh? I def wouldn’t mind spending less than $30 for a cute top that I’ll wear once or twice, but for sure not for $420. Would you buy the Forever 21 copy?


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8 thoughts on “Catherine Holstein vs. Forever 21

  1. It’s cute…..I think everyone would go with the cheaper price tag!!! I just don’t understand F21…..when will these folks learn???

  2. done and done!! i ordered it. thanks for the heads up. i had eyed that sailor dress when i spotted it at barneys!

  3. i’d def get the f21 one! its so cute and i don’t think i’d be willing to spend $420 on such a trendy piece.

  4. thank you for answering ! 🙂
    but could you please go on the website (forever 21) and tell me if there is the dress … ?
    because maybe my computer got a problem…
    if you do that thanks a lot !

  5. i ordered the dress last friday. thank you SO MUCH for the heads up. the dress is actually a tunic and was under “dressy tops”. they are all sold out now, for those of you who were looking for it in the site and couldn’t find it.

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