Cassie Rockin’ Gold Leggings

Monday, March 19, 2007 by Wendy Lam

After I asked about your opinions last week about these, I was a bit hesitant on going for this look. But I’m once again tempted to get the American Apparel Gold Lamé Legging after seeing Cassie rockin’ it at the Hot 97’s Full Frontal Hip Hop fashion show. Despite all the bad things people say about her, I think she has a fresh face and cute style. And to look at a chick that is not rail thin rockin’ these leggings, it makes me have more confidence. I think I’m going to give it a try, gonna cop the gold and silver pair! If anyone has these, show me pics of how you’re rockin’ it!


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14 thoughts on “Cassie Rockin’ Gold Leggings

  1. This is me on Halloween 2006. I was the “Bride of Freshenstein.” The funny thing is, I also have a gold pair tand I was going to rock an outfit similar to Cassie’s on Friday at a party.

    BTW, I’m thick (or fat to some) but I really don’t care. Fresh is as fresh does, and confidence is key.

  2. MTC ~ i am not trying to find an example of a thick gurl rockin’ these, i’m just trying to prove a point that the lame leggings are not only for models that are 80lbs with toothpick legs ahah. im trying to say these will look good even if u got some “meat”, b/c for sure i aint 80lbs (though I wish)!

  3. Hey

    I love my gold leggings.

    I got them in Sydney, Australia – about 3 weeks ago.

    I wore them to a party last night, and the boys were all over me haha. And i’m a us size 8.

    I’m definitely going to pull these out, when I’m feeling lucky.

    I just bought a silver pair from the American Apparel website. can’t wait to rock them.

  4. I live in aus and i’ve been lookin for a pair in ANY colour ( though preferably black) and they don’t sell them anywhere.
    except AA of course but i dont really want to pay $60 for leggings as they aren’t even real latex or anything, just shiny painted fabric.

  5. me tooo (Dee) i really want a pair…. im dying for some!!!!!

    preferrably in black….. i dont know where else to find them but online… and i dont want to buy online… just incase i dont fit them or they’re the wrong ones…..

    i get really nervouse like that….

    but yeah if anyone can help me…. PLEASE!!!

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