PUMA Yutori Kimono

These exquisite looking PUMAs are called the Yutori Kimono. They are inspired by the traditional style of the Japanese Geisha and are made from real kimono dress fabric found in vintage shops throughout Japan. The bright, elegant, one-of-a-kind fabrics create distinctive folds on the shoes reminiscent of folds in a kimono. The back is collapsible allowing the style to be worn as a slip-on shoe or a slide.  

They can be found at GOODS (Seattle), Fred Segal, Sportie LA, and Shoe Biz (SF).

These PUMAs are pretty interesting and gurly, prolly the Japanese can even rock these with their Kimonos! I wouldn’t mind rockin’ these, but just a tip to rock these with plain clothing, don’t wanna take away from the shoe! I luv reconstructing from vintage pieces, so this is a great idea.

Detailed pics after the jump…

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  1. wow i love these shoes.. i hope i can get onE ^^

  2. hi, I want to ask the price of a pair of PUMA shoes Yutori Kimono how?

  3. I want a pair where can I find them?

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