Isabel Marant pour H&M – Showroom Visit

Isabel Marant pour H&M – Showroom Visit

Thursday, November 14, 2013 by Wendy Lam

Size xs for the black/white zip-up sweater, size 37 for the fringe booties

A couple weeks ago I went to H&M’s showroom to check out the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection and to try on the pieces for sizing. I’m obsessed with the collection, it’s so good I want all of it! If you’re going to be shopping the collection today (November 14th) and don’t know your sizing perhaps this post may help you. I’m normally a size 6 for regular H&M, hope this helps!

> Isabel Marant pour H&M Women’s Lookbook
> Isabel Marant pour H&M Teen’s Lookbook
> Isabel Marant pour H&M Men’s Lookbook
> Isabel Marant pour H&M US + HK Store Listings
> Isabel Marant pour H&M – Price List

Are you ready? More sizing info after the jump…


Size small for the black/white sweater

Size 36 for the embroidered jacket

Size 4 for the pea coat

Size 6 for the white t-shirt and white leather lace-up pants

Size 6 for the top and bottom

Size 4 for the jacket, size 6 for the skirt and size 37 for the studded pumps (pumps are slightly big on me, 36 would be ideal)

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