Picking the perfect eyeglasses at LensCrafters

Picking the perfect eyeglasses at LensCrafters

Friday, October 19, 2012 by Wendy Lam

Photos by YM

The last time I got prescription eyeglasses was two years ago at LensCrafters, I loved the experience and quality so I went back again last month to get new eyeglasses. It’s very important to get your eyes examined every year (I do it every year for contacts) and keep your eyes healthy.

At the visit, I got an Optomap retinal exam, I was offered to get my eyes dilated but I had to go somewhere right after so I didn’t do it (vision would be blurred for a few hours), had a full eye exam with the doctor to make sure my eyes were in perfect condition. The eye exam was very thorough. Sadly my bad vision had once again gotten worst, I think it’s from all the computer work (ie. blogging haha).

After the examination, it was time to choose a new frame! I was most excited about this although I still love my Prada Postcards eyeglasses. I had my mind set on black frame glasses already, so I picked out a few. I was introduced to AccuFit, a LensCrafters exclusive digital measurement system, to find my perfect pair. The AccuFit is pretty cool, nothing I’ve experienced before, the digital measurements are 5 times more precise than the traditional manual method, so you will get a better fit for your glasses.

One cool feature of AccuFit was the VirtualMirror, it took up to 4 photos of the frames I liked and enabled me to see how each style looked next to each other rather than taking it on and off and looking in the mirror. It was super convenient. The digital measurement system enabled skilled opticians to measure the precise location of the pupils, the spacing between eyes, and the shape of glasses to ensure the best possible placement of the prescription for my new glasses. It was fast, easy and accurate. Loving my new Chanel eyeglasses, many thanks to Luxottica.

A tray of my picks! Yes, they are all black rimmed eyeglasses, the look I wanted.

AccuFit machine.

My crazy looking “mug shots” haha. This VirtualMirror takes photos of each of the styles I chose with both front and temple views.  I was able to see four styles at one time. This enabled me to easily decide which frame I liked best without constantly trying on each pair and looking at the mirror and forgetting how the other pair looked. Convenient right?

Trying on the Prada eyeglasses for my final decision, love the two-tone frame.

STEP 1: Your skilled LensCrafters optician will adjust your frames to sit comfortably and evenly on your face.
STEP 2: LensCrafters’ exclusive FitSensor is placed on the glasses. The FitSensor is designed to work with the Digital Measurement System to help the optician detect the optical center of your lenses unique to your frame and how they sit on your face so that you will see your best.

STEP 3: The skilled LensCrafters optician then takes a digital image of the customer wearing the glasses with the FitSensor affixed.

STEP 4: Once the digital image is taken the LensCrafters optician marks the optical center of the lenses on the customer’s image and adjusts the measurement detectors using the computer mouse so that precise measurement is achieved. The opticians verbally walk through the process to educate the consumer on the service provided. The result is 5 times more accurate than traditional manual measurements.

I decided to go with the Chanel pair, I was sold on the shape, lightness and the quilted arms!


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