Topshop Secret Store + Designer Collaborations

Topshop Secret Store + Designer Collaborations

Monday, May 23, 2011 by Wendy Lam

Maria Francesca Pepe for Topshop
Maria designs statement jewellery and clothing, often with a gothic influence. Starting initially as a jewellery designer and working in collaboration with others, Maria now has her own jewellery and clothing line which is based around the concept of ‘Jewellery-Wear’ when jewellery becomes the primary focus of the outfit. For her first collection for TOPSHOP she has created a rose gold heart and gold plates letters spelling out ‘LOVE’ which can be worn either studded onto clothing or hanging from a chain. The set will come with a jersey vest to stud the letters onto. This creates jewellery that is truly personal and can be changed each day according to the wearer’s mood.


Steve Morris for Topshop


Emma Cook for Topshop
Emma Cook is a long-term collaborator with TOPSHOP. For Secret Store, Emma has developed sheer nude underwear that features tattoo style print embroidery on mesh. Pieces have a 50’s influence and include a bra, high-waisted knickers and a body.

Ann-Sofie Back for Topshop
Ann-Sofie Back returns to collaborate with TOPSHOP on her sixth collection. She has become well known for her subversion of everyday garments and exploration of clothes and how we use them to disguise ourselves and is an essential ticket during London Fashion Week. For Secret Store, Ann-Sofie has designed a net bag with dream catcher embellishments and a matching dreamcatcher necklace with feathers

Michael Van Der Ham for Topshop
Current NEWGEN recipient Michael Van Der Ham is known for his patchwork juxtaposition of different fabrics, colours and textures in his pieces. He will be producing a crushed velvet wedge sandal for Secret Store inspired by his SS11 collection in two colorways -navy and blush.

Pamela Love for TOPSHOP
Pamela Love is the first American and also the first jewellery designer to collaborate with TOPSHOP. The collection is the perfect mix of modern New York style and traditional Southwestern design, drawing inspiration from South American and Native American and remaining true to her original aesthetic.

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