Outfit: Caged Up! + ALDEA

Outfit: Caged Up! + ALDEA

Friday, October 8, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Last week after attending the Tiffany’s Eyewear event, I met up with my fam to celebrate my big bro Steven’s birthday at ALDEA. The ambiance was pretty nice at the restaurant but I wasn’t really a big fan of the food. The only dish I liked was the SPANISH OCTOPUS “A LA PLANCHA” dish, the other dishes were so so to me. But as long as my bro enjoyed the food that’s what mattered! We had a good time, love family time!

I almost forgot I had these YSL cage sandals until I was looking through my stash, I’ve only worn these a couple of times because they’re not too comfy. There’s no platform so the ball of foot starts hurting pretty quickly, def going to put a gel on it to help with comfort but the shoes are so amazing!

Outfit: Alexander Wang Denim Sweatshirt Sleeve Jacket, H&M Tank Dress, American Apparel Legging, YSL Cage Sandals, Dee & Ricky Chanel Lipstick Brooch (courtesy of Ricky), H&M Animal Rings, Vintage Chanel Bag




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