RUMOR: Shiatzy Chen for H&M?

RUMOR: Shiatzy Chen for H&M?

Friday, August 6, 2010 by Wendy Lam

I know you’ve all been waiting impatiently to find out who will be the next H&M designer collaboration, me too. Today, my loyal reader lucy92 tipped me on a rumor that Taiwanese fashion house, Shiatzy Chen, whose founder and brand innovator Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia (????) is often referred to as the Chanel of Taiwan and is the eponym of her luxury goods brand (according to Wikipedia), will be the next designer collaboration to launch in November 2010. The brand spirit for Shiatzy Chen is “neo-Chinese chic,” and fuses Western cuttings and Chinese handcrafting techniques into the designs.

The rumor is also listed on H&M’s Wikipedia page, so there may be some truth to it? Who knows till the announce it. I’ve never heard of Shiatzy Chen before but H&M is known to surprise us with their designer collaborations and if they’re planning to expand in Asia it wouldn’t come as a surprise to choose an Asian designer.

Once again, this only a RUMOR with no confirmation from H&M as of yet. I will dig deeper and let you guys know. If this is true, are you excited or disappointed? Let me know how you feel…

Check out Shiatzy Chen’s Fall/Winter 2010-11 fashion show, which was apparently inspired by Anna Wintour, after the jump…

UPDATE: Looks like Shiatzy Chen will not be the designer collaboration for November 2010. But I think they’ll be doing a collection together, just not sure what exactly. For more clues on who the next designer collaboration is, click here!

UPDATE 09.01.2010: Lanvin for H&M?!

UPDATE 09.02.2010: CONFIRMED, Lanvin for H&M for both men and women! Click here for more info!



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