Barcelona Day 4: Mango Headquarters/Design Center

Barcelona Day 4: Mango Headquarters/Design Center

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 by Wendy Lam

For those that were waiting for posts on Barcelona, my apologies got stuck catching up when I got back. This is for the readers that have been asking me to post more about my trip, here ya go!

On day 4, 02.24.2010, of my trip, I was invited to visit Mango‘s Design Center at their Headquarters. I was pretty excited about visiting but thought it would be like any other retail corporate office- I was wrong! When I first got there it looked like a warehouse outside and looked pretty plain but when I stepped foot inside, wow it was like an art gallery. The owner is a big art collector and nearly all the walls in the hallway were covered with large pieces of amazing art and the best thing is there’s always new ones swapped every so often to keep the designer’s inspirations going. Definitely not a dull place to work in, great design, lots of sunlight and lots of space. The cafeteria also has an outdoor patio for employees to relax and not feel like they’re trapped in an office environment, pretty chill. I wouldn’t mind working there, amazing! Thanks for the tour!

Loving these boots from their Fall/Winter 2010 collection!

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