Alexander McQueen Business to Continue

Alexander McQueen Business to Continue

Thursday, February 18, 2010 by Wendy Lam

It’s the end of New York Fashion Week today and it is also a week ago that Alexander McQueen committed suicide. The question that everyone has been wondering was what will happen to the label, will it close or go on? Gucci Group president and CEO Robert Polet announced today that the business will go on. The Fall 2010 collection presentation was suppose to be held the first day of NYFW but it was canceled due to McQueen’s death, the collection would now be presented during Paris Fashion Week, scheduled for March 9th. via WWD

“We believe in the future of the brand,” said Polet, speaking at PPR’s annual results presentation here. “Lee was very proud of the people working in his company, and so am I.”

Alexander McQueen will never be forgotten or replaced. I’m anticipating to see his creations for Fall 2010. May he rest in peace.

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