Jamaica Day 1: Departure/Arrival

Jamaica Day 1: Departure/Arrival

Sunday, July 12, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Sunday, July 12, 2009 @ JFK

The anticipation kicked in last night when I was packing for my Montego Bay, Jamaica trip, didn’t get much sleep since I’m always a procrastinator when it comes to packing. So happy I finally got a chance to use my Samsonite by Alexander McQueen Ivory Croc Upright Rolling Carry-On Luggage I got from GILT.com back in April, so dope! From my past experience back in 2006 and horror stories people told me about Air Jamaica I was seriously expecting a delay but luckily it was on time! The problem came when the flight took off, two kids attacked from the front and back- non-stop screaming and crying almost all the way to MoBay- everyone was annoyed obviously but when we landed everything was all good. It’s hot and humid here but definitely beats the rainy weather back at home. On arrival at Half Moon, I was surprised with the Imperial Suite which is absolutely gorgeous. The service at the hotel is so far so good, everyone is so kind! Stay tuned for a ton of pics of the hotel and my suite in another post.

After checking in and dropping off my luggage, I was starving so went down to The Seagrape Terrace to grab a quick bite. One thing that I noticed about Jamaica is that most restaurants doesn’t have ac, I’m all about the ac so it’s a bit of getting used to lol. I’ll just pray that the mosquitoes don’t feast on me (but they always do lol!). I’m off to rest now, I’ll post dinner pics tomorrow as well! Super happy to be in Jamaica!!!

“Many thanks to Voyage.tv for making this trip possible, stay tuned for more pics and Twitter updates throughout the trip!”

More pics after the jump…

This airport breakfast gave me and b both an ill stomache lol

Time to board, thank god the flight was on time!

Arrived in Montego Bay, Jamaica @ the Half Moon lounge at the airport…

Waiting for my car to pick me up to the hotel…

Half Moon!

Waiting to check-in…


It’s super humid out, I felt sticky and oily once I stepped off the plane haha…look my nails are like day-glo! They’re both from Essie’s Neon Collection 2009.

A coincidence I sat at table 212, that’s my area code!

Anyone care for a “Louis Vuitton Damier” napkin lol!


Barbeque Pork Sandwich pulled pork smoother in rich barbeque sauce on coco bread, cole slaw and french fries US$9.50

Super juicy and yummy!

More pics to come…


Outfit Details:
Elizabeth and James Silver Jacket
H&M Organic Cotton Tee
American Apparel Legging
H&M Zipper Leather Bag
Chanel Sandals
Chanel Sunglasses
Samsonite by Alexander McQueen Ivory Croc Upright Rolling Carry-On Luggage
Longchamp x Jeremy Scott Le Pliage Poodle Bag


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