Emma Cook for Topshop Boots [eBay Weekly Find]

Emma Cook for Topshop Boots [eBay Weekly Find]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 by Wendy Lam


I’m attempting to do a eBay Weekly Find post per week since I’m always snooping around eBay, might as well share my favorite finds. I was super happy when I finally got my hands on a pair of grey Emma Cook for Tophop Boots when Topshop arrived in NYC. I kinda regret not getting the white pair too, but they weren’t exactly cheap, they retail for $310 in NYC. Apparently these boots are highly sought after so they’re sold out already and it seems like eBay is the only place to get them if you want them bad enough. I’ve been keeping an eye out on eBay for a peach pair but no luck yet, this morning when I checked I found a white pair in my size but it was a buy it now price for US$1099, super ridiculously priced but its the only pair available at the moment (of course sold out in NYC now).

Do you like these boots?

> Emma Cook for Topshop Boots (White) [eBay]


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