Sony VAIO P-Series Lifestyle PC

Sony VAIO P-Series Lifestyle PC

Thursday, February 5, 2009 by Wendy Lam


Last week I’ve posted about the live mannequins posing with the new Sony VAIO P-Series Lifestyle PC in high-traffic areas throughout Manhattan dressed in ThreeASFOUR, Elise Overland, Katy Rodriguez and Libertine outfits. I have yet to see the live mannequins in person but I’m definitely going to lookout for them, they look amazing!

Since I’ve started covering New York Fashion Week last season, I’ve wanted to blog on the go but it was pretty much impossible to lug around my laptop along with my shoes and rush to the shows and events for the whole day. I tried it once but I would never do it again! But my problem seem to have resolved, I just got the world’s lightest 8″ notebook, courtesy of Sony. The laptop weighs 1.4-pound which is nothing compared to my old one- it’s all about mobility! I got the SSD model since it was slightly lighter, silent and it has no moving parts so its less fragile- I can be clumsy at times especially on the go.

The Lifestyle PC is small enough to fit into a clutch/handbag, can easily slip into a jacket pocket, and the best thing is it doesn’t add much weight to my “already heavy” bag! I was debating on the black or red but went with red since it was more luscious and girlie- I’ve also got a matching case to protect it from scratches. The laptop is super glossy which is very striking and stylish, I would totally just walk around with it. There are four color choices: red, black, white and green, the colors were inspired by the crystalline shimmer of natural gemstones. The mouse nub takes a little time to get used to, it is very sensitive but after a while I got adjusted to it. The battery life is pretty good too, it is estimated to last up to 4 hours so I’ll have a good amount of time to do some webcam chats, IM, blog and/or edit photos while I’m waiting around.

I have just been playing around with it at home and have yet to take the laptop out for a test run but I will be putting it to test during fashion week and will report back! So far I’m loving it, its so hot!

> Sony VAIO P-Series Lifestyle PC

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