MAC Cosmetics Dark Angel Nail Lacquer

MAC Cosmetics Dark Angel Nail Lacquer

Monday, December 8, 2008 by Wendy Lam


For all of you guys that have been following my blog you guys should know by now that I love nail polish, I change my color every two weeks (just about). Last time I mentioned that I tend to opt for the more expensive brands not because of the name but more for the longevity of the polish.

I’ve been wanting to try MAC’s nail lacquer for awhile already, finally a couple weeks back, I painted my nails with MAC’s Dark Angel Nail Lacquer a “Goth romantic dark lilac” cream color since purple is big this season. The polish is very smooth, the brush is a great shape and it was easy to apply but the lacquer goes on very thin, which means more layers to achieve the opaque dark color I’m aiming for. I put on four layers of polish to get full coverage and the color you see in the picture but after it dried the color was rich and very glossy with no-streak (that’s one of the reasons you buy the more expensive brands) plus conditioners and UV protection for your nails. The color is really nice and the best thing is that it doesn’t chip that easily, it held up for over a week. Do you like the color?


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