COMME des GARÇONS for H&M – NYC Release

COMME des GARÇONS for H&M – NYC Release

Thursday, November 13, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Finally November 13th hits and the COMME des GARÇONS for H&M is released! For the first time of all H&M collaborations I decided to wait in line for the COMME des GARÇONS collection. It is by far my favorite collaboration aside from the Stella McCartney (but didn’t line up for that). I got there to the NYC flagship store at 51st St/5th Ave at around 7:30am (doors open at 9am) this morning and met up with my friends that have already been waiting in line for about an hour- the first people in line got there the night before at 10pm (wow!). The line wasn’t as bad as I expected, definitely no where near dedicated as the Japanese. Being a newbie at this, I was a bit nervous since the H&M staff announced that there were only 4 (or 5- I forget) of the showpiece dress/jacket $349- that was my favorite piece in the collection…I could forget about it since I was around the corner already. The door opened at exact 9am and everyone gushed in, I was a bit distracted and confused but soon got into the gist of it and started piling up. Got some stuff I wanted and picked up a few things for B and my bro, lots of polka dots flying everywhere- but bags, wallets, sneakers and scarves were the first to go. It was definitely a weird experience, my arms are killing me now! When I left around 10am, there were still tons of polka dot cardigans and shirts around, not sure about now but I got a few pieces that were on my list…stay tuned for pics!

If you weren’t able to cop anything or pieces you wanted, there’s always the good old eBay. I think I may need to keep an eye out for a few pieces myself! There’s a ton of listings already. UGH! If you went, tell us your story, what did you get?

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More pics and eBay auctions after the jump…







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