Xbox Exclusive Sneak Peek Holiday Showcase – June 16

Xbox Exclusive Sneak Peek Holiday Showcase – June 16

Friday, July 18, 2008 by Wendy Lam

Minya and Me, just so happens we match haha!

After watching Tropic Thunder I headed down to the Xbox Exclusive Sneak Peek Holiday Showcase which was not too far from the theater. Chilled and played some new Xbox games with YM and Poe (Freshness), Minya (Miss Info) and Cipha Sounds. Minya and Cipha were hilarious when they were playing LIPS, it’s a karaoke game on the next level. It’s basically a karaoke system where you can plug your iPod to the Xbox and sing whatever songs you have on there or sing along to the original music videos of the songs that are installed in the system and the best part is the mic is wireless so you can go all out. I know this is going to be a bit hit especially in the Asian community, karaoke is big for us haha! I suggested to the developer that there should be an option where you download Chinese music videos to the Xbox and have the original music video to sing along with as well, he said he’s going to look into it. If he gets that to work I think its time for all the karaokes to upgrade to the Xbox and trash their old systems! I await for this game to release!

Another game we really enjoyed is Rock Band 2, it was my first time playing the game that night. I chose the drums, YM played the bass and Minya played the guitar. Minya warned that the drums were the hardest but I still went for it, after mins of laughing my a$$ off because I suck like no tomorrow I gave up my seat to the pro, Just Blaze. He is seriously on another level, super good! I filmed a lil “Making The Band” video featuring Minya, YM and Just Blaze- perhaps they should form a band together haha! Overall it was a fun night, I loved the Xbox theme, everything was green- the lights, displays and even the candy! Xbox should definitely host more of these events, fun times!

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Just Blaze, YM and Minya ~ “Making The Band” haha!

Me and Cipha Sounds ~ matching again haha!


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