Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism by Frederique Daubal has arrived…

Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism by Frederique Daubal has arrived…

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 by Wendy Lam


A gift from Nokia (thanks Ben), I received this special edition Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism phone with an etched back cover designed by French graphic and fashion designer Frédérique Daubal early last month (I’m a bit late on the post I know). I first posted about this collaboration back in January with campaign pics and detailed information, but nothing is better than experiencing the phone firsthand.

The package came nicely wrapped, besides the phone and other necessities there was also a metallic pink pouch with metal chain and matching bandana designed by Frédérique Daubal; they definitely went all out. This fashion phone features a unique keyboard layout but since I’m more of a sms person it kinda makes my life harder. But I was quite impressed with the 49 different colors you can choose from as your keypad back lighting. Overall the phone is decent but not my first choice since I need a full keyboard for emails/chat/sms and email access at all times. One big issue that I came across with this phone is it’s super difficult to remove the battery and sim card, the design of that could have been better you literally have to dig it out. But after fussing with it for awhile I found an easier way, it takes some experimenting around.

I’ve used Nokia phones before especially when I traveled to Asia but since I’m a BlackBerry addict I will save this phone for use when I travel because it is unlocked and can be used anywhere (except Japan I believe). This phone is suppose to be released in Q1 2008 but it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, so I’m not sure where you can get it. For full details and specs check here.

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