Frederique Daubal x Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

Frederique Daubal x Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

Monday, January 28, 2008 by Wendy Lam


As I mentioned before, fashion designers have been tapping into the cell phone industry to create unique fashionable phones. Nokia has collaborated with French graphic and fashion designer Frédérique Daubal on a special edition phone that fuses style with the latest technology. The Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism graphic design was created by Daubal, whose signature illustrations have caught the imagination of the design and fashion worlds, leading to creations and concepts for Paul Smith, Colette, Swear, Gas Tokyo and Bumble & Bumble to name a few.  

In creating this design, inspiration was taken from the way in which crystals are formed in precious stones and minerals, the covers have been etched with laser technology. ‘For the backplate we were catching different intensities of light and its multiple refractions,’ says Daubal. ‘Looking through a diamond gives you that experience’. The color combination is rich burgundy and black which gives off a very sleek vibe, to compliment the handset, Nokia has designed a range of accessories including an earpiece, which is color-matched with the back cover, a phone pouch and a textile print of Daubal’s elaborate illustration.

The Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism comes with a 2 megapixel camera, 3G technology for fast and easy downloads and browsing, 1 GB of internal memory and a music player. The user can also personalize the color of the light in the keymat choosing from 49 different colors. The phone is now available for a retail price of 375EUR (exclusive of subsidies and regional taxes). Click here to learn more about the phone…

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