Mandoo Bar – 10.24.2007

Mandoo Bar – 10.24.2007

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Mandoo Bar
2 W 32nd Street
At 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10001

The Scene
Mandoo, or Korean dumplings, are the chief attraction at Mandoo Bar, where they’re hand-formed in the window by a pair of nimble-fingered women who stop traffic with their engaging labors. We’re partial to the steamed kimchee variety, in which the typical pork-and-vegetable stuffing is fortified with tofu and a smidgen of the cuisine-defining pickled cabbage. — Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld,

Went to Mandoo Bar with some of my gurlz last month, it was my first time there (Valaya suggested this spot)! Good recommendation, I hardly eat at K-Town just b/c its out of the way and not sure which restaurant to eat at (there’s so many there!). The mandoo was very cute, it came in assorted colors to let you differentiate which filling it had – we all enjoyed it. The food was pretty cheap and good, will def be back for some more! Peep the pics after the jump…

Combo Mandoo Consists of 4pcs each of boiled pork, Vegetable and Seafood dumplings (12pcs) $9.99

Baby Mandoo Boiled Bite Size Dumplings filled with Pork and Vegetables (16pcs) $6.99

Jap Chae Sauteed clear sweet potato noodle with chopped pork and vegetables $9.99

Bibimbap Korean Style Rice with Assorted Vegetables, Ground Beef, and an Egg with Hot Paste on the Side $8.99

Dduk Boki (Serves 2 people, uncooked) Korean Style Casserole with Rice-Cake, Fish Cake, Noodles and Assorted Vegetables and Special Hot Paste $19.99


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