Outfit 11.02.2007 ~ Wakiya…again!

Outfit 11.02.2007 ~ Wakiya…again!

Monday, November 5, 2007 by Wendy Lam

I’ve been meaning to take my friend Roman out for dinner for a hot min already for all the free legal advice he’s been giving me (LOL)! Finally, we were able to coordinate for dinner last Friday – took him to Wakiya and B came along as well! Wakiya has improved quite a bit since I’ve last went, a second review will be coming soon! It was pretty chilly that night, but I had to take a pic with my jacket off haha, the things I do for my blog! This weekend all I did was EAT EAT and EAT…damn, need to run now haha!

P.S. That’s not my crib haha! 


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