Happy Time Cafe – 09.23.2007

Happy Time Cafe – 09.23.2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Happy Time Cafe
51 Bayard Street
New York, NY 10038

The Scene
Another addition to the Hong Kong styled cafes in Chinatown, the environment is very ordinary but the yellow paint walls brings life to this cafe. The cafe is filled with Chinese people, especially on a Sunday afternoon. The menu is broad with pages and pages of different Chinese food to choose from. A great place for a cheap meal with the family.

I never noticed this cafe when I walked through Chinatown, a few Sundays ago walked through Chinatown to find a spot to eat lunch with my mom before heading to cut/dye my hair and decided to check this spot out. Happy Time Cafe was super packed that Sunday I went, I had to wait at least 15 mins for a table and that’s very unlikely except for spots like Joe’s Shanghai. The service is fast paced and the dishes came out very quickly, ordered a few things to try. The food was very ordinary but plates were pretty big we both couldn’t finish our dishes. This spot is great to eat with family for lunch or dinner, I’ll probably make a trip back in the near future. Peep the pics after the jump…

Swiss Chicken Wings $2.50

“Cheurng Fun” – I don’t know the English name haha (wasn’t that great, i wouldn’t recommend this dish. it was super good in HK but totally different here.)…

Fish Cubes with Choy Sum over Rice $4.50

Pork Chop with Onion over Rice

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