Joe’s Shanghai – 05.14.2006

Joe’s Shanghai – 05.14.2006

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 by Wendy Lam

Joe’s Shanghai
9 Pell Street, Ste 1
New York, NY 10013

The Scene
It’s true that most of Joe’s customers here aren’t from Chinatown, and that Joe’s menu offers some mall-friendly, not-so-Chinese creations, such as sesame chicken. Still, customers line up here for a reason: Joe’s cuisine is consistently top-notch and otherwise authentic Shanghainese. Prices compare to the bigger restaurants in Chinatown, and the wall of critics’ praises grows larger every year. – City Search

Who doesn’t know about Joe’s Shanghai, it’s one of the more popular Shanghainese joints! Hung out with mom’s (mother’s day) and we had lunch there. Look at that juicy crab meat dumpling! But be very careful b/c it’s mad hot and it squirts out juice! If you haven’t tried it, then you must!

More pics after the jump…

Crab Meat Dumplings – Siew Lung Bao!

Double the goodies – Vegetarian Duck (no meat) & Cold Fish

Some Noodle my mom had…she didn’t like it haha

Chicken with Veggies cooked with Fried Noodles – oh so damn good!!!


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