Outfit 10.06.2007 ~ My Birthday Dinner #6

Outfit 10.06.2007 ~ My Birthday Dinner #6

Monday, October 8, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Cathy, me, Kathy, Valaya, Stacy & Doris

This past Saturday, some of my lovely gurlz (those that couldn’t make it I forgive you heehee) took me out for my belated b’day dinner at Nikki Beach Midtown (I chose this spot b/c I saw it when I was in Cabo, review coming soon). I took advantage of the night and rocked my Mango latex-like leggings since it wasn’t that hot out. Dinner was pretty satisfying afterwards we headed down to SLATE PLUS to boogie woogie for a bit, thanks for the memorable night ladies! More pics after the jump…

Not going to spoil so many restaurant pics for now, review to come…

Doris, me & Kathy – before dinner waiting on the rest of the gurlz

Cheers to me!

Someone suggested funny faces, mines not that funny but I tried haha – round 1…

Round 2…any better?

Ok back to the group pics, we just need to get a perfect shot!

Had to get a few shots on the couches, they were so nice! Three of the gurlz went to check on the car while the Kathy and Stacy waited for the bill…

Another nice shot…

We were twins for the night, minus Stacy’s white pants haha

Time to go meet up with the other gurlz!

Hit up SLATE PLUS for a lil dance…

Doris seemed extremely happy haha, Stacy, me and Cat – I think I touched my lens by accident, the pic is a bit blurry!

Valaya fell asleep while waiting for the shot haha…its for sure I touched my lens 🙁

Out on the dance floor…

umm no comments why they came to take a pic with us haha, they invited themselves!


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