Outfits 09.26 – 09.30 ~ Cabo San Lucas

Outfits 09.26 – 09.30 ~ Cabo San Lucas

Friday, October 5, 2007 by Wendy Lam

09.26.2007 ~ Just arrived at Pueblo Bonito Rosé, it was too hot to stay in jeans, had a quick change for dinner! I was so tired from the flight, I look dead in the pic haha…

Just a quick post with some of my Cabo San Lucas pics, I had an amazing time there! The people and the place was just amazing, I can’t wait till I go on another vacation! I’m no skinny mini and that’s a fact but I’ll brave it out and show some skin haha, you won’t normally see me in sleeveless in NYC, only when I’m on vacation!

For my b’day, B took me on a sunset cruise and it was so beautiful def had a memorable time, thanks hun! I’ll be posting more pics of my resort, Pueblo Bonito Rosé and of course can’t miss out on the restaurant reviews while I was there…stayed tuned for those. More outfit pics after the jump…

09.27.2007 *Morning* ~ Didn’t realize it was so humid out that it fogged my camera lens! Went out to explore Cabo Downtown!

Another shot…

09.27.2007 *Night* ~ A quick change for dinner!

09.28.2007 *Morning* ~ Just being a tourist haha…stayed in the hotel for dinner that night, got too tired from walking around for the whole day!

Included this just b/c my shorts were covered in my shot!

09.29.2007 *Morning* ~ Happy B’Day to me! Went out for lunch then at 5:30pm headed down to the Marina to board the sunset cruise!

09.29.2007 *Night* ~ At the Marina waiting to board for the sunset cruise, oh exciting!

On board!

Waiting to eat!

The beautiful sunset, how romantic!!

09.30.2007 *Morning* ~ Was gonna go snorkling or fishing but the weather was gloomy and it rained for a bit that day the water didn’t look too safe to get in haah, luckily it was our last day! We ended up just chillin’ around, went to Nikki Beach and Mango Deck then chilled at the Playa el Medano (beach at my hotel).

At Mango Deck, tons of locals coming thru hustling to the tourists haha…

At the supermarket, can’t miss out on this shot right? My last night there, the next morning we headed out to the airport to come back to NYC! Ahhh…I’m going to plan my next vacation haha!


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