Kyoto Sushi – 06.30.2007

Kyoto Sushi – 06.30.2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Kyoto Sushi
153-11 Union Turnpike
Flushing, NY 11367

The Scene
Described as an oasis of Manhattan residing in Queens, our Feng-Shui inspired restaurant space imparts a Zen like atmosphere. A beautiful painting of a gold dusted Buddha imported from Thailand greets guests in the reception lounge while modern jazz music delights the ear. The aroma of sizzling Thai peppery beef wafts out of one of the cherry wood Tatami rooms and in the sushi bar at the back of the room, the chef’s knives gleam while delicately carving out the “Toro” of a tuna. All five senses are awakened with each visit to Kyoto! – Kyoto Sushi

Went to Kyoto Sushi once again for Stacy’s B’Day last month. This is a typical Japanese restaurant owned by the Chinese, I’ve been to many of these of the same kind and find it very ordinary but my friends like it so I go along with it. We’ve had b’day parties there a few times already, the place is big and there’s also private tatami tables for large parties. The food comes out pretty quickly and tasting is average, I prefer Jin over this spot. Like Jin, I recommend NOT to order any the Japanese Noodles in Soup or Rice Boxes, they just can’t get the broth and flavoring right. If I remember correctly, they offer free ice cream on your birthday. If you’re in the neighborhood or live in queens this may be a good choice for dinner if you’re with a large party or big family, be sure to make reservations. I will probably go back because my friends luv it, I wouldn’t go there voluntarily as it is quite out of the way. Peep the pics (too much food, I can’t remember every dish) after the jump…


GYOZA (PORK) $4.50




TUNA TATAKI (seared w. Japanese vinaigrette) $8.95 *I think*


SPICY TUNA OR SPICY SALMON TARTAR (chopped & mixed w. spicy mayo and caviar) $8.95

NABEYAKI UDON (shrimp tempura, chicken, egg & vegetable) $10.95 – no good, the chicken was not “smooth” and the broth was just not right…

SALMON TERIYAKI $13.95 – ok…

Happy B’Day STACY!

the ice cream was completely gone after all the gurls dug in haha


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