Jin – 05.02.2007

Jin – 05.02.2007

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 by Wendy Lam

252 Broome Street
New York, NY 10002

The Scene
Jin is a new Japanese restaurant located in the Lower East side, owned by the Chinese. The place is decorated with bamboo accents, brick and modern wood. No reservations needed but its gets pretty packed on Friday and Saturday nights at times. Private party for up to 17 people is also available but needs advanced reservations. The people there are friendly and its conveniently located near me. This spot is one of the only Japanese spots in the Lower East Side so its def at their advantage.

I finally had a chance to taste Jin when I had dinner with Yu-Ming/Freshness and Kristen/adidas last month. The food was decent and everything came out pretty quickly. Kristen loved the food, but Yu-Ming wasn’t too fond of his, I thought my food was ok. My neighbor claims its one of the best spots and I’ve noticed he orders take-out every other night from there (haha). If you’re looking for a quick Japanese meal in the neighborhood, you should give Jin a shot. I would go back there another time, its very convenient and not too pricey. Peep the meal after the jump…


Me & Yu-Ming: Agedashi Tofu

Yu-Ming: Seaweed salad

Me: Soft shell crab with ponzu saunce

Yu-Ming: Nabeyaki Udon (seafood, chicken, vegetables, egg in noodle soup)

Kristen: not sure

Yu-Ming: Tako (Octopus)

Me: Unagi Don (broiled eel & oshinko over seasoned rice)


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