Twelve by Twelve by Forever 21

Twelve by Twelve by Forever 21

Thursday, June 7, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Photography: Steve Eichner

I seriously had to double-take when I saw the name the name for Forever 21‘s new like Twelve by Twelve, at first I thought I read Twelve8Twelve by s.miller. Twelve by Twelve is derived from visually, the number 12 a reversed 21 — a literal twist — and there are 12 designers on Zanjani’s (Betsy Zanjani, vice president of merchandising for the project) team, hence the “Twelve by Twelve.” The new line still has the friendly price-tags but bears high-fashion attitude, prices are 35% higher than Forever 21 but less than $100. You can get anything ranging from fake-leopard-fur coats to empire dresses, cocktail frocks with pretty pleated collars and accessories from fingerless knit gloves, jewelry, hats to vintage pieces. Typically Forever 21 targets the junior audience but Twelve by Twelve line would aim for the new 30 (20s to 50s).

Twelve by Twelve made its debut last year with a test capsule collection. Did anyone notice a change? I don’t shop there too often so I wasn’t aware at all. The upcoming collection will launch its own Web site later this month,, which will be followed by 10 to 15 in-store boutiques in already-existing Forever 21 locations. Twelve by Twelve also will get its very own retail shop at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles this fall.

I’ll have to see what their collection looks like to make full judgment, but so far it doesn’t look tooooo different from their usual stuff…

“Forever 21 is fast fashion, it’s quick-turn, young and fun,” said Betsy Zanjani, vice president of merchandising for the project, “;whereas Twelve by Twelve is a grouping of items designed to go together, to be worn together. It will be a little bit more sophisticated, much more luxury.” via WWD


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