Bitten by SJP – Preview @ Oprah

Bitten by SJP – Preview @ Oprah

Saturday, May 19, 2007 by Wendy Lam


Bitten by SJP for Steve & Barry’s is set to kick-off on June 7th at over 200 Steve & Barry’s chain stores, you won’t be left with nothing. With over 400 pieces to choose from, sizing from 2-22 and everything under $20, I’m sure its easy to pick-up a few items, I know I am. Sarah Jessica Parker was just on Oprah yesterday, May 18th showing off her new affordable line to the world. Previously, some images were leaked onto the internet and the reviews were not good, but after seeing more I’m a bit convinced with a few pieces, at least I want that houndstooth jacket, its only $19.98. It is a good tactic they took to be on Oprah, having this preview on her show def changed a lot of minds after viewing it on “real women”. Now take your pick, here’s a few images from the Oprah website. Are you a bit convinced? Which piece(s) will you buy?


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