Answer the Comments…

Answer the Comments…

Friday, April 20, 2007 by Wendy Lam


I want to know, as well as I’m sure almost everyone else, how do you put your outfits together? We all know you must have a huge closet, so how do you choose? This is where I get stuck every day…I have so many clothes that I just toss on sweats so I don’t have to decide. Do you take your cues from other gals on the street or do you go to and try to do a “look for less”? Just wondering…I think you always look too cute!

Posted By: ELCEE | April 14th, 2007 at 1:24 pm – POST: Outfit 04.13.2007 ~ Out & About with Jeannie

Hi Elcee,

Thanks for your compliment. I have no set way of putting outfits together…believe it or not I hardly ever plan out my outfits. I basically throw on things I see or rememeber I have in the morning or at night if I’m going out. Yes, indeed I have a huge closet and most of my stuff are still tagged…and I do have trouble remembering what I have, even if I bought it last week. A lot of my new clothes are still in bags scattered all over my room…as my brother says, it looks like a hurricane hit it haha.

I definitely absorb from people on the streets, fashion shows, magazines, celebs and everything around me that are interesting. I follow trends to a certain extent b/c I believe in mixing and matching and even though it is “IN” I may not look good in it. I basically wear what I think looks good and play it up with some “trendy” pieces of the season. I try not to get too caught up and I don’t really go to and try to do a “look for less”, only certain occassions I like to “channel” certain trends. As you guys know I like to combine more affordable clothes with designer handbags, even if I was rich I would do the same. You don’t need to spend a lot of $$$$ to look $$$$! Hope this helps!


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Don’t keep me in suspense! Curious to see if we snagged the same things ;) What was your overall impression of the lines?

Posted By: Jess | April 18th, 2007 at 12:33 pm – POST: GAP Design Editions: Doo.Ri | Rodarte | Thakoon – Shop Now!

Hi Jess,

I got 6/9 pieces from the GAP Design Editions online but I haven’t received it yet, so I’m not sure what I will keep or return. But my FAVORITE piece is the Thakoon Petal Shirt Dress, I think that is the best of the collection I got that piece in the store because I want to wear it this weekend! I also bought the Bow Pocket Dress by Rodarte, Bow Blouse by Rodarte, Pleated shirt by Doo.Ri and Tie shirt by Thakoon. From my naked eye, the sizing looks really big, I copped some in XS and some in S but haven’t had the chance to try them on yet. When it comes in I’ll give an update! The idea of the timeless white shirt is kewl but it is a bit boring…but gotta give GAP some credit for trying! At least it made me step inside haha…hopefully they’ll step up their game soon! If any of you guys wore yours, do show pics!


PS. From time to time I will select some interesting comments and answer them! FYI if I don’t answer a certain question, please don’t take offense, its either I don’t know or don’t feel comfortable answering it. Thanks.


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