Anna Sui vs. Forever 21

Anna Sui vs. Forever 21

Thursday, April 5, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Anna Sui Spring 2007 RTW | Forever 21 Maven Top

As if they care if DVF sues them…Looks like nothing is going to stop Forever 21 from “copying” straight from the runways, its not an exact copy but its close enuff to tell where they got the “idea” from. This Anna Sui striped rose dress from her Spring 2007 RTW collection will go for hundreds but not the Forever 21 Maven Top, it is priced at $17.80. Getting inspired is different from copying near exact the design, its just crazy. I’m sure there are a ton more from Forever 21 but I am not that good at spotting it all, do you see any others that I haven’t mentioned? Thanks for the tip Jesse.


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