More Hermes Goodies

More Hermes Goodies

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 by Wendy Lam

bangles, about $420 each

If you haven’t gotten enuff of the crazy priced Hermes animal coin purses, here’s some more. I wonder how many different animals are there to choose from, I just found out there’s also a monkey and hedgehog, besides those there’s more animal key chains too. I really like these bangles but $420 each is a bit overpriced and even if its $420 for a set that’s just crazy. I also like the mens oxfords, but too bad I have small feet I’ll never be able to fit into it. Check out the other goods after the jump…

leather bracelets, about $410 (small) and $475 (large)

hedgehog coin purse, about $410

monkey coin purse, about $950

animal key chains, about $180 each

nylon phone strap, TBA & leather strap, TBA

leather tassle key chain, about $190 each

belt, TBA

mens oxfords, about $740 – these are so dope, too bad they’re for men…but those that have big feet can def rock these!

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