Hermes the Zookeeper

Hermes the Zookeeper

Friday, March 30, 2007 by Wendy Lam

Piggy Coin Case, about $950

I’m dreaming of the day owning a Hermes Birkin bag…damn…I wonder when I can afford one! Hermes is just amazing, no matter how expense and long the waitlist is for the Birkins and Kellys there’s always a demand for it. They know you gotta look pretty when you’re out & about but also when you’re home, hence the gardening tools. Now a series of animal coin cases to add to your pretty handbags! I absolutely adore them but they are as expensive as another brand’s handbag. But if you have the extra loot go and splurge they’re too cute! More pics after the jump…

Turtle Coin Case, about $1170

Hippoe Coin Case, about $950

Ducky Coin Case, about $950

Ladybug Keychain, about $140 | Panda Keychain, about $180

A. Lindy Bag, about $4800, B. Key Pouch, about $730, C. Wallet, about $1680, D. Necklace, about $280, E. Oriane Shoes, about $3700, F. Ornella Shoes, about $980, G. Kelly Flat 35 Bag, about $7200

Ostia Shoes, about $400

Osee Shoes, about $800

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