Tour Of BAPE’s Fan – Allen’s Crib

Tour Of BAPE’s Fan – Allen’s Crib

Monday, June 12, 2006 by Wendy Lam

After seeing Michael Lau’s #1 Fan, Zody’s crib – this time comes Nigo’s (BAPE) Fan, Allen’s crib. I’d have to say after seeing Zody’s crib, no fans’ crib can compare (as of now) but Allen’s got some interesting things going on too. It’s always the HK heads that can whip up stuff like this…props!

I luv looking at other peeps cribs to get inspirations and see how others are living. I know no one wanna see mine, as my bro says, “your room looks like a hurricane just hit it!” hahah ooops…

Visit A Bathing APE

Check out his pad after the jump…

DIY with BAPE Tape haha – now now…I know some of you peeps gonna do this haha!

Some random pics…

BAPE Cafe in 2002

Dope BAPE home goods…


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