How To Distress the Levi’s Jordan 4!!!

How To Distress the Levi’s Jordan 4!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018by Wendy Lam

If you follow me on my social media and YouTube Channel, you already know that I’ve took my DIY skills to another level (just kidding) on the Levi’s x Air Jordan 4 collaboration. Instead of unboxing the shoes and on-feet look, I went a little further and distressed the shoes to make it more personal. I love the look of aged denim and it would of taken forever to rip or age by just wearing it. Sadly these amazing denim kicks did not come in my size but after I’ve distressed them, I gifted them! Luckily the denim jacket was a good fit, I’m obsessed. Big thanks to LEVI’S for the care package!

Check out the photos and video below and let me know if you liked the original or the distressed pair!


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