Unboxing $70,000 Worth of Supreme x Louis Vuitton!!!

Unboxing $70,000 Worth of Supreme x Louis Vuitton!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017by Wendy Lam

I’m sure just reading the title itself you’re already thinking I’m crazy! Yes, I am!!! No doubt that I’m obsessed with Supreme and also am a fan of Louis Vuitton, so this collaboration was pretty perfect! Supreme can do no wrong, speaking from a true fan ha!

Watch the unboxing video below as I explain the process and how I got my pieces from the collection. I can’t wait to rock all the pieces! Let know which pieces you got or your favorites! If you are looking to buy pieces from the collection I would would recommend shopping at stadiumgoods.com for them! Many thanks for my LV SAs for all the help, thank goodness for no lines! xo



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