My New Walk-In Closet is Finally Done!

Monday, August 14, 2017 by Wendy Lam

A lot of people ask me if I can show my closet and how I organize my clothes and accessories but I’m kinda embarrassed to say that most of my stuff were in either bags, boxes or just in a pile. Hence why I’ve never really showed anyone my “closet.” I’ve been talking about using an extra bedroom at my boyfriend’s apt to transform into a walk-in closet for awhile now. This has been in the talks/works for about two years due to my hectic travel and work schedule but I can’t believe it’s finally done! Lots of time and energy put into this project with the help of California Closets. Thanks to California Closet designer Carolyn Musher for designing such a functional closet that suits my needs, she was super fast and gets it right away.

I like my closet super clean, so I kept everything white. I have a lot of clothes (even after purging), accessories and shoe/sneakers, so trying to fit it all into one closet is basically impossible but we can at least try ha! This is my master closet and I have several other smaller closets around the apt and at my own place. Since I don’t like to have my clothes folded, Carolyn created lots of hanging space so I can get most of it hung. She literally saw my piles of clothes in plastic bins and boxes and boxes of shoes everywhere and was cringing but that will soon be behind us ha!

I also made sure I had enough space for my shoes/sneakers, one side of the wall is dedicated to that with the top spaces being bigger so I can store my handbags. Those spaces can also easily be used as storage for some of my folded jeans, sweatpants, etc.

Now I need help figuring out how to organize the closet, either by color or type of clothing, that will require some thinking. I kid you not, the closet is still empty as I’ve been sick for about two weeks and I’m about to travel again so I don’t think it will be filled till I return but I will follow-up with a video when I get my stuff in there.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.



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