mophie Unveils USB-C Charging for MacBook/MacBook Pro

mophie Unveils USB-C Charging for MacBook/MacBook Pro

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 by Wendy Lam

I’ve seriously been waiting for this for a minute! So excited for mophie’s latest announcement of the powerstation USB-C XXL, a high capacity universal battery designed to charge MacBook (2015), MacBook Pro (2016), iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. With the amount of time I’m on the road, this will definitely come in handy when there’s no outlet to charge.

Equipped with one USB-C and one USB-A output charge port, this latest powerstation includes a 19,500mAh battery for more than one full charge to a MacBook. The powerstation USB-C XXL is also wrapped in soft-touch fabric for a premium look and feel.

The powerstation USB-C XXL is available exclusively at Apple stores, and for $149.95.

Additional features of the powerstation USB-C XXL include:

  • Additional USB-A output port 5V/2.4A
  • Role switch controlled by status button (USB-C input/USB output)
  • USB-C port default function is to output charge
  • LED’s show direction of charge confirming switch position
  • Cypress CCG2 chipset
  • Pass-through charging USB-C to USB-A

Photos courtesy of mophie




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