J.W. Anderson Resort 2016 Collection

J.W. Anderson Resort 2016 Collection

Monday, July 13, 2015 by Katie Kuang

J.W. Anderson presented his Resort 2016 collection at Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge a few weeks ago. The venue, a gallery exhibiting a highly curated collection of 20th century and modern art, was one of the inspirations behind the collection. The Resort 2016 collection explores ideas of controlled experimentation and the intertwining disciplines of fashion and art.

The lineup exudes a feminine, yet bold touch. Polka-dot cottons, striped ribbed knits, fine leather boots and denim jeans appeared on silhouettes that both hugged and flared away from the body. A palette of vivid black, red and yellow hues are lifted by metallic, denim and floral accents.

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