Christopher Kane Resort 2016 Collection

Christopher Kane Resort 2016 Collection

Friday, July 10, 2015 by Katie Kuang

Christopher Kane introduces his Resort 2016 collection inspired by the complexities of the love heart. The collection plays with the contrast of extremes and experimentation in terms of both ideas and materials.

“The love heart seems so simple and pure, almost child-like, but powerful and graphic. Looking at the heart through history, researching its roots in Quaker embroidery, led to looking at the scientific side of the heart and the idea of ‘suturing’. So there are those two sides to this collection: something romantic and pure, almost ‘church girl’ with those pastels, mixed with a powerful ‘killer red’ and an idea of something seductive but also disturbing,” says Christopher Kane.

In the collection, delicate Swiss lace is suspended in plastic, printed onto shining leather, or ‘sutured’ into satin following a surgical-like pattern inlaid in the form of a heart. Feminine silhouettes are contrasted by more masculine tailoring and the new Christopher Kane training shoe makes its grand debut. The collection’s primary hues of aqua, nude, tangerine and lilac are contrasted with black, white, navy and ‘killer red.’

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