NCLA The Classics Collection

NCLA The Classics Collection

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 by Katie Kuang

NCLA launches the Classics Collection, its largest collection yet, featuring 56 new effortlessly chic nail wraps in four classic designs. Nail wrap designs include the half moon, orbit ring, spike and stripe in 14 different colorways. Shop the collection here.

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Half Moon

Shades include:

  • 2 Nights at the Paradise Motel
  • 365 Days of Kale
  • Bottomless Mimosa
  • Don’t Be Late For Brunch
  • Fell In Love With San Pedro
  • For The Nostalgia
  • How Many Selfies Does She Need?
  • It’s 5am and I Still Can’t Sleep
  • It Never Rains in L.A.
  • On Our Way to Palm Springs
  • Laying in the Park After Brunch
  • Take a Dip And Watch The Sun Set
  • That Warm November Night
  • When I Think of You

Orbit Ring

Shades include:

  • Weekend in Cape Verde
  • Start with a Clean Slate
  • Holding on to Nothing
  • A Walk To Remember
  • Between the Sheets
  • They Put Kale in Everything
  • Lemonade in the Sun Room
  • Meet Me For Coffee
  • Or Maybe We Can See a Movie
  • Rosé Colored Glasses
  • Terracotta Rooftop
  • Warm But A Little Overcast
  • What Dreams Are Made Of
  • Worn By Waves


Shades include:

  • But Does He Have A Pool?
  • Robertson And What?
  • Her Tone Was Pointed
  • Peak Of The Night
  • But It’s All The Way In The Valley
  • And Your Point Is?
  • Her Car Got Towed, Again
  • But That’t The Point of Kale!
  • Los Feliz Lolita
  • Saturday at the Grove
  • She’s Always on Point
  • Spike the Punch
  • What’s the Point?
  • You Missed the Point


Shades include:

  • Blue Skies, Clear Mind
  • A Bottle of Rosé Later
  • Cocktails & Moonlit Nights
  • Imagine It Was Us
  • If Everybody Had An Ocean
  • Just Another Saturday Night
  • Night Cruise Down 405
  • But There’s No Parking…
  • Proceed With Caution
  • Their Silver Starlets
  • Rebel Plum Wine
  • Just Show a Little More Skin
  • Shut Up and Eat Your Kale
  • Sunday Funday

Photos courtesy of NCLA



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