Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom & Pour Homme Aqua Fragrances

Fendi Fan di Fendi Blossom & Pour Homme Aqua Fragrances

Thursday, July 31, 2014 by Wendy Lam

Fendi launches two new fragrances, one for women and one for men. Fan di FENDI Blossom is a new floral fragrance for women carrying the scent of a spring bouquet of cherry blossoms in bloom, and the promise of delicate radiance. The campaign features Danish model Caroline Brasch Nielsen holding a transparent bottle of soft pink liquid inspired by the iconic Peekaboo bag.

For men, the Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua is a new modern, aromatic fragrance. The scent combines masculinity with an explosive aromatic freshness for the elegant yet edgy man. The campaign features English musician, composer and producer, Mark Ronson standing against the background of a shimmering blue ocean mimicking the look of the bottle.

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Fan di FENDI Blossom follows in the footsteps of Fendi bags that are created with subtle dualities of colour and texture, and reveals, for the first time, a unique chromatic contrast based on a palette of pinks. The transparency of the glass reveals a soft pink liquid topped off by a silver cap, inspired by the iconic Peekaboo bag.

Offering a new dimension of desire, Fan di FENDI Blossom is a luminous floral based on the delicate Sakura Cherry Blossom. The fragrance opens on a deliciously fruity gourmand accord that blends the Japanese Nashi Pear with succulent raspberries, which leads into the heart of the fragrance – the Sakura Cherry Blossom.

Fan di FENDI Blossom’s final note ends on an elegant vanilla essence with the subtlest hint of powder, resonating with the daintyness of Sakura Cherry Blossoms. The radiant freshness of the fragrance is as gracious as blooming petals in spring and celebrates joyful femininity


Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua is a modern, aromatic fragrance. The freshness of the original Eau de Toilette is accentuated by notes of Italian Lavender, Bergamot and Lemon. The aromatic heart beats to the rhythm of virile Sage and plunges the wearer into a very manly universe. Musk teams with cedar wood in the background for a fresh, woody, and sophisticated signature that is both sensual and refined.

Powerful, timeless and somber, the Fan di FENDI Pour Homme Acqua bottle is an instantly recognizable block of glass that Fendi men have come to look for. The perfect ergonomic design and the contrasting dark grey and horizon blue colors create a very masculine effect.

The liquid, shaded in the blue hues of the South Seas, shimmers through the legendary Fendi Forever square buckle in grey resin.

Photos courtesy of Fendi



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