ELLE: The Plight of the Female Sneakerhead

ELLE: The Plight of the Female Sneakerhead

Tuesday, June 3, 2014 by Wendy Lam

Last month, Kayleen Schaefer from Elle.com hit me up on a story she’s doing about fashionable women collecting sneakers, finally the story is up! Check out the full story here, but this was pretty funny so I had to share…

Or, take what happened to fashion blogger Wendy Lam of Nitro:licious on a recent trip to Los Angeles. Lam, who owns over 400 pairs of sneakers, decided to take an impromptu hike…in a pair of dark Air Jordan 5 Bel Airs—kicks that can resell for up to $500. “I only had two pairs with me,” she says. “The other pair was white, so I wore the Bel Airs.”

During the trek, she Instagramed a shot of herself—and the dust-covered Jordans. Her male sneakerhead followers were appalled.

One wrote, “Hiking in the Js tho!”

Another said, “Crazy maybe she got two pair?”

Actually, I do have two pairs of the Bel Airs lol!

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