SPY Happy 20 Sunglasses Collection

SPY Happy 20 Sunglasses Collection

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 by Wendy Lam

SPY turns 20 this year, which makes it one of the oldest, independent eyewear brands in the action sports space and the US. SPY’s Happy Lens is arguably the biggest jump in sunglass lens technology since polarized lenses came out. It’s color and contrast enhancing, but it can also improve your mood too. Happy Lens was developed in collaboration with optical industry veteran Jim Pritts, who is known in some circles as “The Wizard of Light.” The Happy Lens is the first sunglass lens technology that lets in the sun’s “good rays” (learn more below) and enhances color and contrast in a way that can help you see better, feel better and perform better.

The Happy 20 Collection is comprised of three sunglasses (Fore, Heir and Union), two colorways each (Matte Black with Happy Bronze / Platium Mirror Lens and Woodgraind with Happy Bronze/Emerald Mirror Lens). SPY’s Happy 20 Collection is available at retail and online from $129.95 to $169.95.

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The truth about blue light and the “good rays”:

  • Not all light waves are created equal: some are harmful, such as UV rays and short- wave blue light. Long-wave blue light, however, is highly beneficial when entering through the eyes.
  • Short-wave blue light is the part of the light spectrum most associated with cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • While most premium sunglasses block short-wave and long-wave blue light, Happy Lens is the only lens technology that allows in a specific transmission of long-wave blue light that studies suggest provide people with a positive uplift in mood and alertness.
  • Research indicates that exposure through the eyes to these “good rays” brings about a number of positive physiological changes, including elevated mood and increased alertness. When entering through the eyes, long-wave blue light is known to promote the brain’s production of serotonin, the natural hormone that regulates mood, appetite, sleep patterns and other cognitive functions.
  • Happy Lens’ technology is based on the benefits of light therapy used in combating Seasonal Affective Disorder. This isn’t PR mumbo-jumbo, brands such as Philips use blue light in their light therapy devices.

Photos courtesy of SPY


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