Clinique for Men

Clinique for Men

Monday, April 7, 2014 by Louise Delorito

Women aren’t the only ones that have unique needs when it comes to our skin. Clinique has launched Clinique for Men, a collection especially made for men that fits their different skin care needs and provides a custom-fit approach. The skin care line includes cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating, shaving, and targeted grooming products.

Clinique has created an easy to navigate, intuitive collection of products and skin care regimens. Regimens includes step by step products like Face wash or Face soap, Exfoliating Tonic, and moisturizers for each skin type. From anti-aging to a dark spot corrector, Clinique covers all bases and provides custom-fit products to suit unique needs. Clinique for Men gives skin exactly what it needs to look its best and be its healthiest, every day.

Clinique for Men is available now at Clinique counters nationwide and

Read on to explore all the different products in the collection…

  • Face Scrub is a favourite among men, named the best selling men’s skin care product in the US in 2012 by The NPD Group. The scrub sloughs off dead skin flakes, excess oil and surface dirt with a chemical and manual exfoliation action that helps prepare skin for a better shave.
  • Aloe Shave Gel comforts skin before, during, and after shaving to ensure all skin types get an ultra-smooth, close shave while lessening the incidences of razor burn and blemishes.
  • Anti-Age Moisturizer is a multi-purpose, all-day hydrator that combats lines, wrinkles and dullness, and contains antioxidants to help protect against future damage with skin strengthening and firming ingredients.


  • Aloe Shave Gel comforts skin before, during, and after shaving to ensure all skin types get an ultra-smooth, close shave while lessening the incidences of razor burn and blemishes.
  • Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel is a roller-ball that deposits a liquid gel-serum to instantly cool and refresh puffy eyes on contact, reducing the appearance of dark circles and brightening the overall area.
  • Anti-Age Eye Cream is a lightweight eye cream that delivers intense moisture plus a cocktail of ingredients designed for de-aging, moisturizing, visibly reducing puffiness, diminishing dark circles and protecting against environmental aggressors.


  •  Exfoliating Tonic’s oil-free formula removes dry, dead flakes, controls excess oil, reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs, and lessens the chance of pore-clogging trouble spots, to leave skin smoother and less prone to blemishes.
  • Face Bronzer is a non-greasy oil-free gel that gives a sheer, natural, believable bronze that won’t clog pores and is easily removed with soap.


  • Antiperspirant Deodorant is fragrance-free and gives maximum protection against wetness and odor. Available in Stick and Roll-On.
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 21 Moisturizer is a lightweight oil-free moisturizer that provides non-irritating sun protection.
  • Dark Spot Corrector is a serum formulated specifically for men to treat discolouration. This serum adapts the innovative technology found in Even Better Clinical, the #1 best selling dark spot corrector worldwide, to deliver a visible reduction of dark spots in 4 weeks. Plus, this formula helps calm and strengthen skin that has been irritated by shaving and significantly reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs.


  • Face Soap  provides thorough yet non-drying cleansing. The soap builds into a rich lather that rinses off easily without leaving any residue, removing all traces of pore-clogging dirt and debris, as well as prep the skin for shaving.

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