Stussy Women x Jules Kim Collection

Stussy Women x Jules Kim Collection

Friday, March 14, 2014 by Wendy Lam

Stussy tapped New York City-based artist and designer Jules Kim to create a range of jewelry influenced by the Jamaican culture. The collection also consists of a few apparel pieces including a Lion muscle tee featuring a hand pencil sketch of a lion mane. The collection is really affordable, if you’re a fan of Jule here’s a chance to own a piece, prices range from $ 28-$40. Photos of the Jamaican themed accessory collaboration was shot by Italian photographer, Alessandro Simonetti.

For this collection, Jules wanted to further explore the island’s culture and present it in a way that captured its essence in a playfully fashionable way. The Lion of Judah, which symbolizes the Rastafari emperor Haile Selassie, is prominently featured in this collection. The lion possesses a wild beauty and an animal spirit that Jules drew inspiration from and although viewed as a king-like symbol, the artist managed to take the lion’s essence and apply it into this collection that includes a Lioness two-finger ring, and a signature Lion tale ring.

The Stussy Women x Jules Kim collection launched today and is available at More photos after the jump…

Photos courtesy of Stussy

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