RVCA Women’s Spring 2014 Swim Campaign

RVCA Women’s Spring 2014 Swim Campaign

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 by Wendy Lam

RVCA debuts the Spring 2014 Swimwear campaign images and film featuring model April Love. Spring 2014 marks the second season of swimwear from RVCA and shows a small, but strong, collection full of inventive details, skimpy bottoms and great prints. Inspired by the intricate tapestry motifs and colors of ethnic groups, prints that are distressed with multiple washes create sun–faded tones in a series of swimwear basics, manifesting a casual, effortless style.

The collection serves to embody a rustic combination of 1970’s culture and bohemian freedom with detailed crochet trimmings that evoke a touch of femininity while fringe and structural details take these silhouettes from hard to soft, giving a simple edge to complete the un–done look. Pops of vivid stand out against a natural, muted animal print. Overall, the second season of swimwear from RVCA represents the brands core, a balance of opposites.

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