Nasty Gal Collection Fall 2013 Lookbook

Nasty Gal Collection Fall 2013 Lookbook

Monday, September 9, 2013 by Wendy Lam

Nasty Gal launched it’s Fall 2013 collection featuring a “playful exaggeration of familiar silhouettes combined with a powerful combination of soft ideas and strong execution.” The Nasty Gal Collection consists of 32-pieces featuring feathered chiffon, rich leathers, and over-the-top structure.

With a studied emphasis on silhouette, the collection masterfully toys with the subtlety of both revealing and hiding the body through paneling, suspension, and clever seaming. Statement pieces like harnessed miniskirts, a voluminous moto, and paneled dresses reinforce an intelligent architecture while also exploring the interplay between nostalgic longing-in this case, the 80s and 90s Japanese Avant Garde-and androgyny.

The Nasty Gal Collection Fall 2013 ranges from $60 to $400. The collection is available now on Check out the lookbook after the jump…

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