Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boot

Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boot

Monday, September 9, 2013 by Wendy Lam


As you know I’m quite obsessed with my Balenciaga Cutout Boot that I got two pairs and the low-tops as well. Even though I get crazy blisters from the shoes, there’s no stopping me from putting socks on or trying different methods to prevent it- anything as long as I’m able to wear them. While doing some online shopping on, I came across the new version of the boot, introducing the Ceinture Ankle Boot. This new boot would be good for Fall/Winter, I’m liking the laces. These are also $100 cheaper at $1175.

I still remember the first pair I got was back in 2011 and now these boots has become one of their classics that they’re releasing regularly. Do you like the Cutout Boot or the Ceinture Ankle Boot more? I’m still debating whether or not to get them.



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