End of Summer with Archetypes in the Hamptons

Thursday, August 29, 2013 by Wendy Lam

A couple weeks ago, Archetypes invited me to celebrate the end of summer with the perfect day in the Hamptons. Archetypes Founder Cristina Carlino and Co-Founder/CEO Michael Mendenhall hosted a fun-filled day inspired by each of the different archetypes at Cristina’s Sagaponack residence. How amazing is this summer house? To die for!

Early in the morning I got picked up by AUDI to head up to the Hamptons, it was a smooth ride. I was knocked out the entire time in the car but then again, I’m totally not a morning person ha. Arrived at the Carlino residence and was already in awe, the house and view was too good. There were stations to celebrate each of the different archetypes including poolside pampering (got my pedicure), astrology readings, live sketching by Andrew Yang (amazing work), drink stations and yummy food! At the event, I took the Archetypes quiz and found out my archetype- peep my profile here and take the quiz. I also got hooked up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile phone.

Super fun day, I took lots of photos but unfortunately my SD card got corrupted and lost all my photos! Luckily I snapped some photos with my phone, so still trying to get my SD card fixed- cross fingers!

More photos after the jump…

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